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Terraced house in Fano

For sale in Fano
Ref.V056 - Make yourself comfortable while watching your money work for you! What you are looking for, in fact, is much more than a purchase as an end in itself; it is the coherent expression of those who know how to look in depth, of those who see in perspective not only the possibility of Continue
84 Sq. mt. 22 € 178.000

Terraced house be restored in Fano

For sale in Fano area Ospedale
196 Sq. mt. 23 22 sq. mt. € 230.000

Apartment excellent in Colli al Metauro

For sale in Colli al Metauro
Ref.V068 - The spirit is the highest elevation of matter! Pulsating desires enclosed in your being as manifestations of vitality and aspirations, the strength of a vortex that has swept away the buzz of that incessant internal debate that prevented you from focus on the right choice, find Continue
98 Sq. mt. 22 50 sq. mt. € 120.000

Apartment excellent in Pesaro

For sale in Pesaro area Tombaccia
36 Sq. mt. 11 € 75.000

Apartment excellent in Fossombrone

For sale in Fossombrone
Ref.V076 - You have my blessing! Regardless of the type of elevation you aspire to, you have certainly arrived in the right place. Once a space of prayer and meditation, today they are among the most beautiful possibilities you have, of living in a place which will allow you to make the most of Continue
99 Sq. mt. 11 € 170.000